Non marital property | 02 Types of property in a divorce case.

what is marital property

In this article, we will discuss non marital property and commingled property. Also, introduce you to the joint statement of parties concerning the marital and non-marital property and you’ll learn about what the courts can and cannot do with your property. Finally, I talk about a special process for pensions and retirement assets. Even if …

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Types of Abuse: A Comprehensive Summary (2020)

types of abuse

In this article, you will learn about types of abuse including physical, sexual, and emotional, and discuss how to recognize their signs. So, It is important to keep in mind that a single indicator is not always proof of abuse. Be on the lookout for patterns or suggestions that there might be a problem. Physical …

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Advantages of Mediation | 07 Common Question about Mediation

advantage of mediation

Advantages of mediation; I have a collected 07 common question that you search on the internet when you have been a dispute with the other party or to prepare for a mediation. Nowadays, a dispute has become a very common thing. Because we always deal with other people in our professional and personal life. So, …

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Warrant of Restitution | Frequently Used Terms in Rent Court

my landlord is taking me to court for unpaid rent

Warrant of restitution; In this article, we will discuss what happens in rent court in the district court of Maryland. First, we will define terms that are commonly heard during rent court. Then we will discuss the step involved in preparing to go to rent court and what you expect during a hearing. Finally, we …

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Parenting Classes and Legal Proceedings of Child Custody

parenting coordinator | custody evaluation

Parenting classes; In this article, we will discuss the process used to decide how child time will be divided between parents and child custody cases and how the major decisions about the child will be made. Also, we will discuss legal proceedings will introducing a scheduling conference which is your first court hearing. We also …

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Public Security Ordinance Sri Lanka; Curfew

Public Security Ordinance Sri Lanka

This article based on the 1978 Constitution of Sri Lanka and the Public Security Ordinance No. 25 of 1947. You will learn about Public Security Ordinance Sri Lanka and about curfew.   Emergency and curfew The basic law of the country is the Constitution The Executive President has the power to impose curfews and emergency …

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How to File Small Claims in [5] Easy Steps

foreclosure process

Are you looking for a free, easy, step-by-step guide on how to file small claims? In this article, you will learn about how to file small claims. First, let’s talk about the step involving filing small claims.  and then will go through each step further.   Step one; try to resolve the problem with the …

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Maryland Law: Where can you find it?

maryland law

Maryland law; In modern society, there are rules for everything. The rules made by the government are called laws. Law is necessary to make sure the people can live peacefully with each other. Also, it provides a way to resolved disagreement in an ordinary way.   So, this article will help you to understand what …

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Abortion Debate: Abortion as a Human Rights Issue

keep abortion legal

Abortion Debate The debate surrounding abortion is one that has been around for centuries, with the debate consisting of two main objectives and sides. The two main groups are the pro-choice movement and the pro-life movement, that have brought forth several controversial discussions concerning morality and legality regarding abortion rights as well as human rights. …

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Abortion Laws by State; A Comprehensive Summary (2020)

abortion laws in new york

Abortion Laws by State; For centuries, abortion within the Kingdom of Thailand has always been regarded as being illegal due to various influences of religion and societal pressures. In this article, you will learn about abortion law and it’s application. The debate surrounding the prohibition of abortion, and the reform of abortion within the country …

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